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Decobite Emergency Building

​All over the world, natural hazards such as earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, etc., and unnatural hazards such as war and infectious diseases have caught people by surprise.  In order to better withstand harsh conditions, these buildings, which are assembled at a high speed, have features such as lightness, easy installation, insulation against moisture, temperature, and sound, antibacterial, cheap, durable, and high quality.  We are great at building that.



Rapid installation

They can be quickly and easily installed, making them a suitable choice for constructing temporary walls, partitions, or ceilings in emergency buildings, such as medical facilities, shelters, or command centers.


Resistance to Water

PVC is a water-resistant material, which is particularly useful in emergency situations where water exposure might be a concern. It can help protect the structure from moisture and water damage.



Decobite Emergency Buildings are a more affordable option than other materials or some other wall finishes, which is an important consideration when constructing emergency buildings with limited budgets.

Decobite emergency room 1

Decobite emergency room 1

Decobite emergency room 2

Decobite emergency room 2

Quality Matters

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