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marblesheet. interior walls. modular buildings. back light. emergency buildings

  • Where do you propose using your products?
    We propose to use our products in: Interior design in hotels Interior design in yachts Interior design in hospitals Interior design in houses Interior design in kitchen cabinets Interior design in bathrooms Interior design in bedrooms Interior design in living rooms Interior design in eating rooms Interior design in lobbies Interior design in towers Interior design in buildings Interior design in skyscrapers Interior design in indoor pool (not inside the pool) Interior design in partitions walls Interior design in interior walls Interior design in metro stations Interior design in airports Interior design in furniture Interior design in industrial refrigerators Interior design in fast-building homes Interior design in spas Interior design in caravans Interior design in camping cars
  • Where can the products be used?
    Overall, it can be used anywhere for interior decoration in construction ( buildings, houses, yachts, etc. )
  • Are your products waterproof?
    Our product is durable against water.
  • Can your products be used in the bathrooms?
    Of course. It can be used anywhere in interior decoration in construction ( buildings, houses, yachts, etc. )
  • Are your products fire resistant?
    Our products do not ignite in any way and it is resistant to fire and it does not catch on fire. During burning, it produces gas at the level of international standards, because approximately 70% of the product is natural material calcium carbonate (CaCo3).
  • How resistant are your products to cold and heat?
    Temperature suitable for human is ideal for using Decobite products
  • On which materials can your products be installed?
    It can be assembled in almost all available materials, such as concrete, ceramic tiles, plaster panels, wood, stone, glass panels, metals and etc. that have a special adhesive for each material.
  • Are the products resistant to the sun’s UV?
    Our products continuously should not be exposed to sunlight, because their color may change after 5 years.
  • Is your product resistant to breaking?
    Our product is flexible. If our product is installed correctly, it is much more stable than ceramic tiles, wood, metal panels, and stone.
  • Is it possible to order different sizes for the products?
    You can only change the length up to 12 meters, but it’s width is standardized to 1.25 m.
  • Can colors and designs be requested by the customer?
    Yes, for orders above 1000m².
  • Are your products washable?
    All of our products are 100% washable. You should not use acidic cleaners but standard home type cleaners (Such as dish washer) are recommended.
  • What is Calcite?
    Calcite is a carbonate mineral in nature and the most stable polymorph of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and it is the primary mineral in metamorphic marble. Nowadays calcite used to produce cement and concrete and as building material, abrasive, agricultural soil treatment, construction aggregate, pigment, pharmaceutical, and many other applications.
  • What is your products main materials?
    All our products made from approximately %70 of Calcium carbonate (CaCO₃) and %30 Recycled PVC and other allowed additives.
  • What is the advantages of your products comparing to natural stone?
    More resistance to water and humidity Antibacterial Resistance to fire More flexibility High Strength Long life of usage Lighter Easy to install Easy to clean More affordable Billions of patterns and designs.
  • Do the products get scratched?
    Just like any material such as stone, marble, etc. they can get scratched with a sharp object.
  • Decobite Prices
    Decobite with good quality construction materials are more important than price for several reasons: Durability: Decobite panels with High-quality materials are more durable, meaning they will last longer and require less maintenance over time. This can save you money in the long run, as you won't need to replace or repair materials as frequently. Safety: Cheap or low-quality materials may not meet safety standards or may be more prone to failure or malfunction, which can put workers and building occupants at risk. Using high-quality materials can help ensure the safety of everyone involved in the construction process. Performance: Decobite panels are designed to perform well under different conditions and stresses. They are more likely to meet the required performance specifications, which can help ensure the overall success of the project. Energy efficiency: High-quality construction materials can help improve energy efficiency in buildings by reducing heat loss, improving insulation, and lowering energy consumption. This can result in lower utility bills for building owners and occupants. Reputation: Using Decobite panels can help improve the reputation of your business by demonstrating a commitment to quality and excellence. This can help attract more customers and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. In summary, while the initial cost of Decobite Panel may be higher, the long-term benefits in terms of durability, safety, performance, energy efficiency, and reputation make it a wise investment.
  • In general, this wall can be used in which places?
    It can be used in every partition wall in the buildings and it can not be a bearing wall.
  • For installing plumbs and wires do i need any any special expertise?
    No, But any plumbing and wiring expert can easily install the facilities.
  • For installing the wall is any special expertise needed?
    No it can be easily installed according to installation guide
  • Comparing with normal walls, how is the Decobite Calcite interior wall impact resisted?
    Decobite Calcite interior wall is more resisted against sound and moisture and is much lighter comparing to normal walls.
  • Can I order the wall in different sizes?
    You can order max. 1.25 width x 12 m Length
  • Can I use this wall for four sides of the building?
    Yes. If the wall isn`t a bearing wall . It can be only used as partition wall.
  • Are Decobite Calcite interior wall resisted agains cold and hot weather?
    Due the orders, the walls can be resisted in -70 degrees till +70 degrees.
  • Are Decobite Calcite interior walls washable?
    The Decobite Calcite interior walls are 100% washable. You should not use acidic cleaners but standard home type cleaners (Such as dish washer) are recommended.
  • Can I install multiple wall parts for making a long wall?
    Yes, You can install multiple parts.
  • Can I make door and window place on these walls?
    Yes, You can put door and window with standard conditions
  • Is there any limit for choosing the color?
    We produce every color tone in matte and shiny options.
  • Are the Decobite Calcite Color panels washable?
    All the panels are 100% washable but we recommend soft tissues for cleaning.
  • Should I use any seams for installing panels?
    It is not necessary. You can use the seams or you can not but also you can use special profiles for installing the panels.
  • Can I install the panel directly on the wall?
    Yes, You can install the panel directly on the wall.
  • What kind of seam should I use for installing the panels?
    You can use silicon seams for installing the panels.
  • Should the surface of the wall be flat for the installation?
    It is not necessary but you have to use more glue for installation.
  • In case of restoration of the wall, can I change just one panel or should I change the entire panel?
    You can easily change just one panel and you don't need to change every panel on the wall.
  • When I want to change a panel, is it categorized as a special garbage?
    No, the panels are made from organic materials and can be easily recycled.
  • In one place how many panels can I use?
    You can use as many as you want.
  • What is the weight of the panels?
    It is about 7-8 kilograms per m^2.
  • Can I install the panel on the roof?
    No, the panels are not suitable for using on the roofs.
  • Can I paint the panels?
    Yes, you can paint or even use wallpaper on the panels.
  • Are you panels foldabel?
    Yes, Our panels are very flexible. See more.
  • Are Decobite Calcite Profiles washable?
    The Decobite Calcite Profiles are 100% washable. You should not use acidic cleaners but standard home type cleaners (Such as dish washer liquid) are recommended.
  • What are the characteristics of your Modular building?
    Features of our buildings are: Beautiful design, Effective space management for all the needs of a family, Facilities for low energy costs, Suitable insulation for sound, temperature and humidity, Smart building and remote control, No entry of insects and vermin, Antibacterial and equipped with a system that kills viruses and fungus, Easy cleaning of walls, Low depreciation, The most appropriate quality in materials involved, Construction of buildings and quick installation, Proper heating and cooling, Use of solar energy and sell excess energy to the government grid, Equipped security cameras with good quality, Equipped authorized alarms for each country, Good resistance to earthquakes, floods and storms.
  • You can make Decobite Emergency Condition Buildings in how many floors ?
    Currently, we can produce Deco Emergency Buildings for 1 floor sections
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